Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stream It !

Live streaming of the whole Cleo Fashion Award Show at Jakarta Fashion Week, Nov 16th 2011


Enjoy the show :) 

Monday, November 28, 2011

The List

I hope this is not too late..

We are going to start this post with A LONG LOUD SCREAAMMMM! We STILL can't believe we've won CLEO Fashion Award for "The Most Innovative Local Brand" category. Thank you so much for all the support guys! We LOVE LOVE LOVE you!

This whole journey has been completely priceless. All the hardwork, dramas, tears (Oops! did i mentioned that?) and the sleepless nights has been paid off. All the nominees have been great friends and tough tough tough competitors as they showed awesome collections on stage.

And here comes our "Thank you" list. Can't make it without all of you:
  • Our dearest Parents. Your support has been incredible!
  • Albert Hutagalung.
  • The beautifull and tallented team: Eda Arthaputri, Ike Riani Hartono, Jana Decanandra. You guys rock!  Let's have a proper holiday after this whole craziness :D I love you guys so much.
  • Glenn Prasetya. You just can tell by looking at those pictures in our postcard
  • Margie Untoro :*
  • Monica Hapsari. You are the witness of all this from day 1
  • The whole CLEO and CFA - JFW Team. I know how hard you all work for this event. Hope to see you all around again soon (and often, hopefully).
  •  Iman Fattah for the music mix :)
  •  Bank & Rangga. The video killed! Still feel bad about your blackberry that fell into a jar of Pepsi Blue during the shoot. We'll make it up to you.
  •  All of our friends in the picture and who really came along to the event.
  •  Our dearest precious customers :)
  •  Everyone who has been supporting us and congratulating us by their twitter, BBMs and phonecalls, and hugs and kisses! How can we ever repay you..

    All of those we haven 't mention.. You know who you are... Thank you so much.

    Monday, November 21, 2011


    Another Brightspot Market is coming!

    Are you ready for the surprises? ;)
    Now, we are going to surprise you with our Fall Winter 2011 Collection "Irregular"

    Still craving for another surprise?
    We are going to giveaway lots of our gifts and vouchers for you to shop at Brightspot Market..
    Here are the guides!
    1. Stop by at our booth on A44 at Brightspot Market and get IDR 50.000,- off from your purchase bt wearing our products.
    2. Follow our twitter account @i_amMILCAH to join our quizzes. The winner will get a special gift from us :)
    3. Be the first 100 customers to buy our products at Brightspot Market and get special gifts! So come fast to our booth at A44.
    4. As we're opening our webstore soon, we will give out 10% discount and gift voucher for customers who sign up to be our member (and more benefits to come by signing up).
    5. Help us to get new followers @i_amMILCAH ! when we exceed 700 followers, we will throw all items 15% discount on the last day of Brightspot Market!
    Save the date, people..
    The 7th Brightspot Market,
    24-27 November 2011 @Plaza Senayan