Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sneak A Peek

We are so not good at hiding secrets. But still, we try as best to keep things discreet (yeah right) ;)
A little spoiler, we are working on something that's gonna bring you a lot closer to us. I mean, CLOSER! Aha!
Wonder what that be....
Another spill, let your friends know about us, and follow our twitter @i_amMILCAH, because something for You and Your friends is going to be announced on our timeline soon... well, not that soon, but not for long.
Meanwhile, be patient loves!

Our Bestseller

This kaftan in pretty something. We keep repeating and restocking, and it seems that you guys never get enough of it. Love you for that! LOL.
Anyway, i wonder why it makes it so special for you? Seriously, i would really love to know what u all think. And if we are going to make a new version of this, what kind of version of it would you love to wear? Longer ones, patterns on it?

You can comment on this post, our facebook wall (Milcah to wear), mail us, oh, and do follow us on twitter @i_amMILCAH. We will definitely retweet you dear fellows

Cant wait hearing from you :)