Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lou Belle Shop

For those of u in Bandung or happen to be in Bandung, we have another place for you to meet MILCAH other than the awesome Happy Go Lucky. Please welcome us at Lou Belle, Jl. Dr Setiabudhi #56!! This petite and aimable multi brand store are loads of variable fashion items, toys, CDs, and....well,plenty of stuff. We;ve just delivered our new stuff last week, so hurry up before they're gone ;)


Yes, we are now happy and proud to be available at The GOODS Departement Store. Come and get our exclusive collection of  “DÉJÀ VU” there, and visit their cafe for yummy bites :) see u around...

Thursday, December 9, 2010


It's here! Our exclusive Spring/Summer 2010 Collection is now Available at The GOODS Departement Store, a semi-permanent currated departement store created by The Brigtspot Market team! It is placed at Plaza Indonesia extension 4th floor, and is available from today, all year round! :) Get 'em while they're hot...

The sense of "recollection", seing things familiar in a sometimes, different time, form or view. Inspired by the experience of “déjà vu”, we develop basic items and add a twist to them so it can be much interesting and also wearable.

As Spring Summer 2010 trend evolves around prints and 70’s spirit, we adapt to a more subtle 2011 trend. Maxis silhouette, sheer material, powdery colour, and soft are combined with rayon, nylon and spandex material to create a sporty resort feel.

Things like rayon shirts are cropped as a crop top and patched with sheer materials. A transformable skirt that can be a dress or a top, and accessories that can be torn apart and worn as something else. Everything is about your point of view.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

An Answer To Your Curiousity

For those of you who's kinda hoping to see new images of our latest stuff in our blog, hold your dissapointment! Our new products will be here very very soon. We're gonna have a brand new colection exclusively available at "the GOODS Departement Store". It's a multibrand store bulit by none other than the Brightspot team. Excited? We cannot wait! Follow our twitter for more updates on MICAH for The GOODS :) 

Monday, September 13, 2010

What's cookin? .. A surprise in the making

Yes, we do he have something in our pot for you! We are preparing for our new collection. 
And to add more fun here, how guys tell us what you want to see in our next collection
Tell us anything, whether it's a certain colour, items, or cutting you would love to have.

everything start from a simple sketch.. just done another collection plan last night..

Anyways, what else is in the pot? Okay, here we go (drums please...), tell us by e-mail or twitter, and the first 3 responders will get 40% discount on any of our upcoming collection.. So make sure you follow
@i_amMILCAH, and we'll keep an eye on you ;)
We'll be waiting till end of September

Made From Scratch

When people come to me to get a custom made piece for their special events, these are what they get in the end... And. what do I get in return? A happy smile on their face ;)

Our dearest model, Aubry Behr turned into a stacks of rose petal for her Prom. This mini ruffled silk red dress made her the belle of the ball.

Chiffone layered dress, made specially for Gita Panhar for an awesome White Party

Chika with her white semi-leather mini dress

Back then, MILCAH was a dress-maker.  And it's something that she've been enjoying and keep doing until now..
Yes, if you are craving for a dress that's totally one of a kind, we can make you a good one :) totally custom made starting from sketches. Call,text or e-mail us and start setting up an appointment...We'll be happy having you as our next client.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Detail, Please... (a closer look)

SUNSHINE - Rp 275.000,-
fabric origami necklace with braided straps
(you can pick any colour you want to order)

The OWL - Rp 185.000,-
Macrame owl necklace

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Kaftan

KAFTAN - Rp.225.000,-
more than 5 styles to discover in just one piece
3 colours available

Friday, September 3, 2010

a lazy afternoon with CLIO and FREJA ..


FREJA cardigan - Rp 250.000,-

CLIO dress - Rp.350.000,-

THE HAND worn as bracelet - Rp 187.500,- 

Also worn as a belt

And as a necklace...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

another eye on Fluid'ete'

thankyou, Raditya Beer for taking these gorgeous pictures with these gorgeous girls,
Aubry Beer and Faradina Mufti!

here we go! take a look..
left : KAFTAN - Rp.225.000 / right : NINA - Rp.250.000

KAFTAN - Rp.225.000

left&middle : KAFTAN - Rp.225.000 / right : OWL MACRAME NECKLACE -Rp.185.000


KAFTAN - Rp.225.000

DARIA - Rp.275.000

left: DARIA - Rp.275.000 / right : FRAU skirt- Rp.275.000

Awesome, true ?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reality Bites!

Meet Claudia and Anggi... Both looking good! (*ahem!) in MILCAH!

Claudia / 18 /
Model / Student
wearing KAFTAN TOP. she found three styles out of it!

Graphic Designer

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



one word : AWESOME!!

thankyou, you guys, for shoppping hard!

for those of you who wants to know what happened or wanna see more details of our 4 days of fun, here are the pictures!

                                 There she goes...

                       We should thank Mr.Snowman for the marker.. cause it's all  hand-drawn,baby!

A living room of black and white... look at the cupboard and frames :)

 The frames goes for the accesories..

Thanks for Sugar and Milk for the support and for taking the pictures
Visit her blog, guys!...

The artist herself. Monica Hapsari
 She's the lunatic,lovely illustrator who create the booth.. Can't thank her enough.
Check out her wonderfull work on her multiply

The Proud Team...
Me, Monic, Ike, Eda, and Iman Fattah.. 
not to forget Cindy Hartono, and the darling photographer, Maico Martinus  ;)

Vol. 3


Fluid : Flowing substance. Easy and flexible, yet essential.

This 2010 summer, face the ray light with some fun flare volumes.
Too tired of being too showy in bodycons and tight lycras, we think it's time to let loose, baby!
And, agreeing to some people who think geeks are HOT, we add a little twist on preepy shirts(or skirts),buttoned up tops, and owls!
Pairing up with Ike Riani Hartono, we present with lots of lovw, a new line accesories, IKE for MILCAH....
You can bring the applause now :)

JO. Assymetric top
IDR 200.000

Long sleeve skirt. Seriously it's a skirt!
IDR 275.000

NINA. sleeveless denim blouse
IDR 250.000


DARIA. a re-newed DARIA shirt with shorter sleeves.
still it's a (more than) five ways shawl shirt.
available in brown and white.
IDR 275.000

can be worn in more than 5 different style.
all you gotta do is tie any corner of the top into knots. have it your way!
IDR 225.000

IDR 250.000

pink flare top
IDR 175.000

black highwaist short
IDR 225.000

Monday, July 19, 2010


Drapes and Shapes

Contradiction will always be interesting.
And we believe it's always inside of you.
Combining two interactive elements, new forms and texture are rebirth from flowy drapes and constructive shapes.

Strong yet delicate. Timid yet edgy.
According to the S/S 2010 trend with the tendency to "mix max", we try to bring out the contradictive in you with different fabrics like jersey, linen, polyester and 100% cotton.
And guess what, you can mix it all ogether! Fall in love with our origami necklace, and also our reversible jacket which you can wear in soooo many ways. This year we also proudly announce that MILCAH is also available at HAPPY GO LUCKY store, Bandung. Another addition of MILCAH's counter at D'Designers-Pasaraya Grande.

You should be also very proud. LOVE, MILCAH

School fashion Rocks - Jakarta Fashion Week November 2009

These girls from SMA 70 Jakarta are like the hottest thing... And they won in this runway competition! MILCAH heart you! *sigh..