Monday, December 10, 2012

Show Some Love!

We are so thrilled to be nominated as Best Women Apparel 2012 by FREEMAGZ, alongside with 3 other magnificent womenswear brands. Support and vote us at BEST of 2012 - FREEMAGZ by going through this link:


Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

Flashback of "Lucidity' from the Runway of CLEO Fashion Awards 2012 - Jakarta Fashion Week 2013. 
Go to this link to see the live streaming of the show: Jakarta Fashion week-live streaming

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Behind The Scene of Lucidity

When we were shooting for our latest ad campaign for the Spring 2013 collection "Lucidity", we had the chance to meet a lovely guest, Dattu from SUB Magz. With a few dose of coffee we shared (sorry for making you wait that long dear) we let her peek and go through our stuff that day. Was always nice meeting new faces.

Check out the Sneak Peek preview of our photoshoot by SUB Magazine: 

and if you're still currious enough, here are more:

our colour palette this season

Our model Dara Warganegara and the make-up artist slash accesories designer, Ike Riani Hartono

Our all time fave photographer, Glenn Prasetya

Marbelesque necklace by IRH for MILCAH

It Strikes Back

It’s the most exciting time of the year.. Jakarta Fashion week 2013 is near!

Our latest upcoming collection of Spring 2013 will be on the runway of CLEO Fashion Award at November 7th. We’re opening the show as last year’s winner of ‘Most Innovative Local Brand 2012’ with Sisca Tjong the winnner of ‘Most Promising Designer’. Reminiscing the good days when we got home with a trophy, we feel that the rush and the hype is still the same now, and the pressure to show our best is still on. 

A hint of our mood board
The Collection “Lucidity’ will be completely backwards with what we did last year. It’s gonna be very urban and sharp. You might find the sense of ‘fast-moving’ in the collection. Going back to our root when we first made our debut, we celebrate our signature style by interpretating modern simplicity of big city girl’s look, making it ultra modern and fresh.

Keep your eyes open ;)

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything - Lookbook

The collection is available at:
- Happy Go Lucky House
- Debenhams - Senayan City

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Saying farewell to the old location at Plaza Indonesia, THE GOODS DEPT is now moving to Pacific Place.
Don't miss out, because our current collection "A Little Bit of Everything" is fresh on the rack! We have our new line of bags available also.

And yes, they have another second location coming up (as some of you might already know)!
 I know this sounds too emotional, but we started small when we joined THE GOODS DEPT when they firstly opened the door at Plaza Indonesia.
And now we are so proud to tears that they're now big and influential :') im such a crybaby

We visited the new place, and loving it! 

What Happened at Brightspot ?

We've just uploaded new photos of our booth at Brightspot Market! For you currious souls, visit our Facebook : Milcah To Wear to check them out.
As you can see we had a supa big FUN! Seen some familiar faces and greeted new excited customers. 

Thank you so much for coming peeps.
See you at the next Brightspot