Thursday, December 9, 2010


It's here! Our exclusive Spring/Summer 2010 Collection is now Available at The GOODS Departement Store, a semi-permanent currated departement store created by The Brigtspot Market team! It is placed at Plaza Indonesia extension 4th floor, and is available from today, all year round! :) Get 'em while they're hot...

The sense of "recollection", seing things familiar in a sometimes, different time, form or view. Inspired by the experience of “déjà vu”, we develop basic items and add a twist to them so it can be much interesting and also wearable.

As Spring Summer 2010 trend evolves around prints and 70’s spirit, we adapt to a more subtle 2011 trend. Maxis silhouette, sheer material, powdery colour, and soft are combined with rayon, nylon and spandex material to create a sporty resort feel.

Things like rayon shirts are cropped as a crop top and patched with sheer materials. A transformable skirt that can be a dress or a top, and accessories that can be torn apart and worn as something else. Everything is about your point of view.

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